Spencer Sutherland
+ Antonio Beliveau

Spencer Sutherland

For Spencer Sutherland, the alt-soul singer whose brand of head-nodding, heart-rending, room-shaking pop songs is quickly establishing him as one of the big names to watch in the genre, the key to his success is in simply being himself. The Ohio-born, LA-based singer’s ability to fuse his neo-soul falsetto crooning and biting, relatable lyrics with bombastic modern beats, swaggering electric licks and a retro, stripped-down production is making a splash across multiple airwaves. His debut EP, NONE of this has been about you, dropped in March (2019) and has gathered more than 10 million global streams to date, with candid, charming videos for singles like “Sweater,” “Wallpaper,” and “Freaking Out” gathering hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

Finding inspiration in artists as diverse as Elvis Presley, Prince, Marvin Gaye, and Bruno Mars, Sutherland plays multiple instruments but considers a microphone his main focus. The unique charisma of his heroes encourages him to be a performer and not just a singer, as anyone who has witnessed his energetic, cut-loose wiling out onstage can attest. His ability to add his own stamp and quirks to his show and to his songs makes for a modern experience wrapped in the presentation of something beautiful from the past, but make no mistake: Sutherland is a modern act for these times, not some retro throwback—it’s just a joy for him to blend those eras together.

Over the next few months, Sutherland is set to share new original music, as a follow up to his latest and fastest streaming song to date, “Grateful.” The earworm is a preview of his sophomore EP, expected later this year via BMG Recorded Music.

Antonio Beliveau

Antonio Beliveau is the former lead singer, front man, and keyboard player for the band, Crash Kings, which is widely known for their #1 Billboard alternative hit song, “Mountain Man.” He is currently the composer and music supervisor for ABC’s #1 comedy, “The Conners,” and has performed with artists such as Dolly Parton, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Natasha Bedingfield, Chris Cornell, Courtney Love, and many more.