Introducing our Re-Originals collection

This Spring, we celebrate Earth Day and World Penguin Day with the launch of our Re-Originals collection, a capsule of sustainable apparel made from recycled and organic materials. This is the first step on the road towards our ultimate goal of providing a more sustainable collection, making the world a better place for penguins (and you!) Each style comes with a plantable hangtag embedded with flower seeds. Add it to your garden and let your style bloom.


From fabric, to thread, to buttons, our Eco Daddy polos are made from a mixture of recycled and organic materials. Our sustainable polos start with a 100% organic cotton pique body; Pete the Penguin goes green as the logo is proudly embroidered in 100% recycled polyester yarns. We've taken our mission of sustainability down to the last detail with buttons composed of 30% recycled polyester.


Our sustainable graphic tees are conservation conversation starters. Super soft, they are constructed of 70% Organic Cotton & 30% Recycled Cotton. Our green graphics are printed with water based pigments and designed exclusively by wildlife illustrator Sam Larson. All sewing thread is 100% recycled polyester because even the smallest details count. All tees are finished off with Pete the Penguin proudly labeled on your sleeve in green 100% recycled polyester.